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Happiness is a state of mind, it cannot be sold or purchased in the market, but it is achieved and experienced by the way we live our life. The way we live our life depends on the choices we make in life. We have no choice but to accept life. But we do have a choice How to accept life.

Human beings seek meaning in their lives. They do not lack knowledge of the how, what, where, when and why of life. The problem lies not in the lack of solution, not of knowledge, but of Execution. Just as animals in the text books do not eat grass, the knowledge of our minds unless, it is executed produces no results. In order to produce results the change should come first in our attitudes. The change in attitude will naturally lead to a change in our life. But we do have a choice, how to accept life, how we should live our lives, how we should respond in our lives. More theoretical knowledge is not enough to lead the life happily. Practical application of the knowledge is very important.

There is this Japanese folklore about a young student who approached a teacher for more knowledge. The teacher was only too happy to share his knowledge. But the student wanted to know more, his thirst for knowledge had no end. The teacher called for tea and asked the student to hold up his cup. The teacher poured the tea and poured, till the cup filled and spilled over. And he still kept pouring till the student could not himself and exclaimed, “But sir the cup cannot hold anymore tea!” The teacher and said, “knowledge is quite like the tea, it is not enough to acquire it, to ask more questions. One has to figure out when one has had enough to make use of that knowledge before going for more”. Doesn't this story say it all.

I hope that your visit on our School Website will be very informative and fruitful.

May God Bless You All.

Fr. Sangeeth Raj A., S.J.

Fr. Sangeeth Raj A., SJ
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